Saturday Topics: Spring has well and truly been cancelled!

Blooming snow! Snowing again guys Beast from the East has arrived once more this weekend; snow, rain, bit of sunny weather, snow again and what is the world coming too. Really don’t want to cancel something because of the snow but I’m just not in the mood for walking in the snow get stuck and then have to worry about crazy people who think it’s okay to drive in the snow but actually turn it into dangerous snow.
No matter how much or how many times I’ve dry off the compensation that’s on my window; it’s still steams up like nobody knows like it’s been effected by the snow or something, I know that just sounded stupid haha. Along with stencilled paint stickers that were left their marks on you could just about make out what were there; a dragon, a Jessie character from Toy Story and many others but the only two that have come up so far is the dragon and Jessie.
Practically going to tell you what I’ve done today because my plans have changed since this morning by the snow as me and someone couldn’t work out how this would work if it decided to throw it down with snow plus freeze the wet that’s on the ground. So in and out of annoying phones calls and messages about things and constantly apologising to someone even though none of this is my fault to begin with also being accused for waisting their time when I’ve had no control over or what’s going on.
I managed to work out how to use this revolution pro make up cleaner pot by using the baby shampoo by Johnson’s to get my brushes back by looking super clean. Didn’t realise how much make I used when I was washing one set of brushes. One set you got white and pink on the top for the heads by Revolution limited edition. Actually like that brand than the ones that I have been using before. Cleaned some of the old brushes that I still use B. Actually forgot what they colour they use to be. I was expecting them to be white as well but I was so wrong. Yet they are nice and clean ready to be used again tomorrow now.
Oh and been watching a fair bit of Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures because I can. Just going to do bits and pieces for the rest of the day so that I can relax a bit; not impressed how things planned out today, but what can you do really as you’ve got silly weather coming in and don’t particularly want be in it. Even the birds don’t want to be in it and it’s first time today I think I’ve heard them chirping.

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