Saturday Topics: Do you find that you think you like someone then realise they are like everyone else in your life?

You know when this weekend is a good weekend when your crying you’re eyes out over something and you know your surrounded by chocolate or craving chocolate for comfort because of the mess your in or you broke up with someone or something has come up but you weren’t expecting it.
I found that I tend to attract people who say that they be there for me and what not. Then you find oh great that’s a guy I want to be with; then about 6-7 months down the line you start to see their true colours of how much of a liar, and many other things that they are like the rest of the people in your life.
No matter how much you try and get them to change but you find that they can’t. They stuck like the way they are. People’s actions do tend to follow conquenses afterwards and don’t actually understand what it means in the world of living when they expect everything to fall into place. No matter how much you try to tell them or teach them the normality of it all.
No matter how much you try to tell them they soon realise as the reality hits them that the person that they love the most isn’t there anymore. They try anything to get them back when they know that they hurt them very badly. Seeing how bad they hurt them due to the fact that they either suffer some sort of mental health or something that that person has caused because they never knew how much it effected them until they noticed.
All I’m saying no matter what it is fight for your life like it’s the last thing on Earth; get justice for yourself whether they owe you money and leave or whatever it is they done leave, move on with life heal yourself because at the end of the day it’s their fault their lost that they lost the one that they love the most.

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