Revisit Case of…..: Sunday age 9

(Don’t worry this isn’t a scam all of my information came from a good friend of mine)

Remember back in August 2017 I was given a case to write about a child who had lost both parents in one week due to lack of money to pay for medical bills. Oh good I just wanted to revisit his story for you all and why you should donate for these kids.
On 6th August 2017 Sunday was brought into a foundation home that has set up back in February 2017 and its coming up to a year this year of being opened in Asaba in Nigeria. Sunday was brought in by a family doctor who knew Sunday as he was there both times when both of Sunday’s parents had passed away.
“I am the family doctor who brought

Sunday into Ofuobi Foundation Home on Sunday 6th August 2017. I was there both times witnessing his parents passing away. In the picture when this was taken he was anxious, scared, frightened and emotionless. Since then he has started to open up and gaining the confidence to do so when I have visited” – The Doctor
Courtesy of the doctor who had brought him in that day; it’s every child’s worse nightmare losing one parent but loosing both parents at the same time, you can only think of one thing. Is wrap them up in bubble wrap and take care of them. His whole world had completely been turned upside down; he spent his first Christmas at the home alone without sharing it with his parents, that must of brought back memories for him that day and the new year.
Between 6th July – 31st July 2017 Sunday had just lost both his parents in that same week as other; his father was very sick at the time to which there was nothing that anyone could do for him, as there was no money coming at all because he was sick and so was his wife.

Since Sunday’s father had passed he didn’t know that his wife was going to join him in heaven leaving their only son behind; until 2 days later his wife had passed away, how would you feel at age 9 years old witnessing both of your parents die in front of you?
Upsetting of course you would. You would start blaming yourself for their death and think it’s all your fault they are dead. It’s natural for a child to blame themselves when they don’t understand the whole world works at that age and how to defend themselves. The Doctor took it in his stride to take

Sunday into his family home and join his family for a few days; so that he wouldn’t be left out on the streets but knowing that he would be safe, care for and look over him when the doctor looked for a place for him to stay and be more safe with friends and people who understand his needs.
Somebody like Sunday still has a long way to go with the donations that he can learn new skills, go to school, and everything that a child can have in life. Weather it’s small amount or large amount it will be great.
How to donate 
To be able to donate money to someone like Sunday please follow the link below and you will find his story on there too.

Please also help by sharing with your friends and families in making them aware of what’s happening around them but also to donate money to the good cause. 

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