Primark Haul: Primark Haul May 2018

Primark Haul first one of the year and I’m not sure if I’m going to make this as a part 1 or not but I’m playing safe and not going to for now. Apologies for not having pictures in the hauls it’s a bit hard when it’s on a blog website than doing it on YouTube actually that’s a thought. Might think about for the next time to go inside with these hauls. What do you think let me know in the comments below.

Apologies for a bit of warning but I’m quite self conscious of my sizes in clothes however I’m going to be sharing them with you because I want to and also along side them I will describe what they are as best I can. I also want to share why, how and etc.

I have a sense of style where I manage to feel comfortable in what I wear day in day out without feeling so uncomfortable unconscious about myself not looking my best. I do have my days where I have battles with my insecurities, my figure and my weight of course. People say that “you’re not fat” or sometimes suggest “you need to lose a bit of weight. Especially for you’re mental health” getting told I need to lose a bit of weight doesn’t really help it’s like saying to me that I’m fat and ugly. It’s bad enough that I say that to myself on a bad day more than 20 times a day. Yes I’ve put on weight, yes I need to lose weight, yes I need help and etc but at the end of the day at least I can still pull off good styles with my curves. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear or change at least 50 times in space of hour and half (yeah I’m exaggeration a bit there but it feels like it) I even have days like it at the best of times but only once or twice.

However I’m pretty good at knowing what I’m going to wear because it’s same thing day in day out as I try different things and what not. Yeah I forget what’s in my wardrobe and draws at the best of times but at the end of the day it’s my sense of style that I like. It took me a long time to know what it was but then finally since I had started to earn money; looking after myself a bit more, caring what I feel comfortable with, knowing who I am and beating the bad days with a positive ones.

Today (15.5.18) I went into Primark I did have a basket just incase I did find anything that I would like to get because I soon realised that I need new leggings and some tops. I did have to budget but there were loads of nice things in there that I could of got if I had the money. 7 items were enough for me for the day but when I get more money going to splash out on new clothes just to treat myself but also I wear them all year round to be honest. Don’t have set clothing for each seasons who does that? I don’t know but I like to feel comfortable in what I wear and what I like. Yes I have a mind set of what I want to look like when I’m out and feel great about myself than coping other people.

The first two items are sleeveless high neck tops with a part zip at the back. One is like a neutral colour with a few flowers and butterflies placed around in the top. It’s airy and loose so when it’s a nice warm sunny day you’ll have a nice breeze. I would wear the top with leggings rolled up to the knee, a neutral, white or grey cami top underneath either sandals or canvas shoes. The top size that I brought it in is size 18 and cost me £8.00. The reason why I got it in a size 18 because sometimes if I got a size smaller or the next size up than I normally get sometimes I feel uneasy and uncomfortable so I always get a bigger size so I can make sure that I’m okay with it.

Next sleeveless high neck top is the same as the first one with a part zip at the back size 18 flows beautifully the colour of the top is a pastel green with faster colours for the flowers. Again I would wear them with leggings, neutral, white or grey cami top underneath and for footwear I would wear scandals or canvas shoes. The top cost me £8.00

Extreme High Waisted Black Shorts I know black shorts Lizzy. I know but most things go with black to tone it all down. I do have one Denim High Waisted Shorts already but they are size 16 and a bit difficult to get on at the moment and they are in the wash at the moment I think. The black high waisted shorts with ripped look style going on is; I thought whilst my other one is in the wash I can wear this one most of the time and not feel too uncomfortable or anything or feel sick afterwards. They are size 20 because I know my back side is quite big and so is my hips at the end of the day. I have this feeling I might need to get a belt for it not sure yet until I try. They can go with anything on the top to bring the contrast out and the colour. I’m not that brave to have my legs out completely so I’ll stick some leggings on underneath. The price for them was £10.00 I know that was expensive in my opinion but I needed a pair of shorts at the end of the day.

Leggings leggings leggings, I basically live in leggings to be honest I do go through them a lot. I got x 2 Viscose XL Leggings at £2.80 and x2 Capri Legging at £2.50 both size 20 the reason for this is because the ones I’ve currently got keep falling off at the moment it’s either I’m losing weight or getting fatter round the hips and bottom so I’m trying them out. I’m not too bothered if they are too big or not because I can be creative with them and they are very cheap anyway. They go with anything that I wear and sometimes they do go walk about in my house or they are in the wash or I put them somewhere stupid in my room. Plus I prefer leggings to jeans any day of the week. Unless I have to get jeans if it was a last resort but that won’t happen.

The full total of the 7 items came to £36.60 yeah it became expensive but I needed some of them at the end of the day. You probably thinking over the last two days she spent £70; however I do need to point out that for months I haven’t brought anything for myself for a very long time, also they are necessary things for me to get and I was running low on make up also needed to replace things that were starting to become holy.

This is my Primark Haul first one of 2018 let’s hope to have plenty more for the rest of the year. Ding ding ding.

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