Online Diary Entries: The Truth, The Bad, The Ugly

Online Diary Entries: Are they true or are they made up? You decide what the answer is.

In this diary I’m telling you from the heart and soul of how I feel about something. But. It’s up to you weather it’s true or not; at the end of the day I know for a fact that I know what’s true, and what isn’t true. Plus I don’t care if you judge me or anything because you are you and I am me. We are all different. So let me explain what I mean in this diary entry. It’s not addressed to anyone in particular as much but you may get the idea of who it maybe aimed at. Who knows.

The truth is that what the papers, news, social media and media about Caspain and Mia Moore that is so false. Trust me the reason is that he’s with someone else; I should know but its not been easy but heyho I know whats the truth and what it isn’t. Also what cheered me up the most was his brother made me laugh when I heard what he had done. So both have cheered me up in so many ways when I couldn’t see the way out of my depressed state and not been well either for the last couple of days.

The bad thing is that it gets me down about it all with rumours aren’t true and I know its just a story and hear say that people just want to hope for. Yet the bad thing is that I just wanted to retaliate back but I know better and not rise to it. At least I know that I’m not like Mia Moore who speaks out and screw him and his family over. The fact that her attitude to things and towards the rest family. She’s not winning any hearts there or any followers there if she continues there. However she not in my books anyways so I’m with some of the family members there. Win win there. Haha.

The ugly side of it is that she really can’t act, attention seeker, wants to hog more of the lime light and just want a title. The fact is though if we keep on giving her attention and lead her on with the whole think of she’s going to marry Caspain and etc. Until one day someone will walk in and be the one for him not her. So all I’m saying please just drop the whole Caspian and Mia Moore crap.

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