Netflix Reviews: The Awakening Film 2018

The Awakening Story Based: In 1921, England became one of the countries whom overwhelmed by the loss and grief of World War 1. An Hoax exposer Florence Cathcart visits a boarding school to explain the sightings of a child ghost. However ever everything that she believes in unravels as the “missing” memories begs to show themselves. 

I’ve just recently watched The Awakening film that’s based on horror/supernatural themed; I may off seen it before and writing about it at some point as I could remember parts of the story line every so often, if I have writing this film review before please let me know to jog my memory. Thanks guys. 

The film “The Awakening” was realised in November 2011 a british film creation and around the years after the First World War. A young lady shall we say was asked to come to solve the mystery of this ghostly child but the truth to be told it was to bring her back home; the home that she grew up in her early years, that was when she soon realise through out the film that all of the memories came flooding back to her. 

I wouldn’t want to spoil it if you want to watch it. I do have to say I wouldn’t watch it again for awhile because it’s me and that’s how I work it to be honest with you. Pretty sure I said that the last time I wrote about this film and now watched it again. For me I find watching supernatural films a sense of meaning what things could happen and what’s out there; like for example Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures and so on. It’s like a sense of a reality check in some way or another for me and comfort thing. 

However with films I have to watch them at least once in a blue moon go to speak; the fact that I needed something to shock me to the core, make me jump and etc like “The Awakening” it helps me to like put my life into prospective in some what way. Reminds me that life isn’t so bad when I’m having a bad day with my mental health and what not; you guys probably saying “you shouldn’t be watching those things when you have mental health” like I said I don’t watch these types of movies all time. 

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