Monday Online Diary Entries: Fight for this love

Wether you believe this or not it’s up to you. I write stories for Online Diary Entries for the day sharing my emotions and etc on how I feel that day. I know the truth behind each one.

Terry I would never stop loving you even if you continue to think of the worse of me; when I know you to well but with the words that you say know isn’t true, too much of it can make you sick even when you’ve been good and the anxiety can be the curse. Just watching you going down this hard road knowing that I’m loosing you to the anxiety. Knowing too much can hurt you and I but is it better for worse? Or are we just sitting in reverse like we’re gong backwards? I know where we going but this idea driving fast can we slow down because I don’t want to crash again.

Just want to let you know that your not alone in this thing; there’s always a place in me that you can call home, whenever you feel like we’re growing apart we can just go back to the start. Anythig that’s worth having. Is more enough worth fighting for quitting is out of the question even when times get tough we got to fight for some more. I just want to fight for this love.

Now that everyday isn’t going to be no picnic. Love isn’t going to be a walk in park like we use to. All you can do is what we have the best for now. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Just keep fighting for me, like I’m fighting for you. I’m always going to love you and I know that you don’t mean those words.

You know I’m always helping you out no matter what in my own little way. I’ve never left your side for a second. Your the one that pushed me away not me. I’ve always been there taking the horrible words and everything else because I know it’s not you. Don’t loose me entirely don’t make rash decisions that you know that you’ll regret. Remember that I always love you.

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