Mental Health Issues: Insecurities within myself

Apologies for not posting anything yesterday (19.5.18) I literally had bad day yesterday crying, anxiety attacks, hurt and angry about something which is personal not sure wether to talk about it with you guys but at the end of the day it’s my chose. I hope you guys forgive me not for posting anything yesterday I literally had a struggling to write things yesterday.

However I will talk about one thing that I felt yesterday as you can tell it’s insecurities within myself. The reasons why I’m feeling like it is because when I trust someone or have people accuse me for something that I didn’t do or take something out of me because they are hurting too. Yet I don’t take it out on them because I’m hurting unless it was them that hurt me; kind of what happened yesterday for me, losing it with someone due to the fact that they made me feel so insecure about something that they knew about.

Yet they still go behind my back ignore what I’m most insecure about and make it out that’s all about them. To be quiet frankly it makes me feel like I’m not good enough, feel pretty enough and etc. Yes I’m always self conscious about myself all the time but even when I’m taking pictures of myself knowing that I won’t like what I take because I start to put myself down.

Believe me I am so harsh and hard on myself you can’t imagine. The fact is it’s how I am and I have good days where I actually look good feeling confident and comfortable about myself but yet sometimes looking like the way I am on a good day I feel horrible. The fact is that I’m trying to take control of my life again making sure I’m doing the right thing by me and how I make myself feel respectable enough knowing that I’m fine and etc.

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