Luxurious Beauty: When you start your day with a cold shower!

Monday Bank Holiday. It’s raining and cold yet again in Surrey UK it either rains or snows but can’t wait for it to cheer up to be honest; would love the warm summer to come, we all know how much I love the summer and the warmth weather. Today is just a rest day for me and much need tlc for me as my anxiety was all over the place yesterday when I was seeing my brother who lives up in Northampton; there is so much I can take when I’m with a load of people, and somewhere different because there’s no get out and have space to yourself.
This morning I did have a plan that I was going to have a shower and redye my red hair again; however being me for not giving it more time to warm up for the shower I ended up having a cold shower, which didn’t give me enough time to do my normal was hair because it was freezing so it took me a while to warm up. I was debating whether or not to my make up on because I was going to redye my hair but I couldn’t stand the sight of my face looking like a piece of a rotten apple. Not sure if that was going to be the correct term for it but let’s go along with it for now. So I decided to put my make up on whether or not I was going to still do my hair or not but on the positive front I’m quite glad that my hair hasn’t gone wild like it normally does.
With the frizz the curls and etc so I didn’t really need to put the hair extensions in to calm it down at all. So there maybe a chance if I don’t fall asleep for me to redye my red hair and make it look more red again or just wait for another a day because it doesn’t look too bad but it does need to be cut as it’s getting to the point of being a pain and notty as all ways. We will shall see if I do do my hair today or not if I do I’ll blog about it for you guys. The lots of ums and arrrs.

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