Live life on the open road project: Love life daily

Living the life on the open road project is another way of being positive no matter where you are; who you are, how old you are, agenda you are and so on. As Moe Sargi always says “live a little and you’ll achieve great things” the motivation that he has had to change his life around is one massive step for him. I am so pleased for him to be able to change his life around by doing something that he loves doing; doing crazy things that no one has ever thought about doing.

The fact that he does this daily to be able to motivate people to do things even if they are depressed or anxious. Sargi always seems to find away to get people motivated continue to deliver great content on YouTube always lives dangerously along with his close friends. Funny thing is that he always makes me chuckle at the best of times when he freaks me out when he puts himself in danger just for his fans.

Now that I’ve been watching him for awhile now I’ve got his sayings stuck in my head like “yo Tom ma boy…where you at you piece of s****” literally have that stuck in my head and been using it a lot recently by changing it to “anxiety you piece of s***” because I’m genuinely tired of it all to be honest with you.

Love life daily is going to be well hopefully a daily thing where all of the positive will come through and help you guys on that open road of success in you’re own life. Give you the motivation to do something about it.

As my left arm is driving me nuts with itches and in pain due to my job manage to get an injury. Not too bad but just load off scratches from a job that I do. The kids that I work with them can’t help it. It just reminds me that they have a condition and etc. I just sit there calmly until they decide to get board or realise I’m not reacting to anything. The fact that I wake up each morning thinking what kids have I got; what do I need to do, and etc at the end of the day if something happens something happens. I’ve been working with special needs for the past 7 years in three different areas now. I know what to expect even at the best of times I think I’m not earning or anything for this job. Then I remember when I look at the damage I’m like it could be worse I suppose I had worse than my recent injury.

Live life to the best you very can because your life is on the open road and it’s up to you where you want to take it. Peace, love and relax with yourself.

Here’s a link to Moe Sargi’s Youtube account he has so many videos to chose from scary ones to calm ones check them out

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