How to avoid them? – Why do narcissists people still try to control their exes? (Friends and ex boyfriends or girlfriends)

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I’ve signed up to Quora just for a little bit of light reading if you could say that but it also given me some sort of ideas for blogs that I can talk about. Generally I do get stuck on theses types of things because it’s hard to constantly think and talk about. Narcissistic people kept up continuously for me on Quora I have witnessed and had first hand of it. Let me explain how a narcissistic person works.

I’ve noticed in life you will always come across people who think they are yours true love or your best friends but yet actually they aren’t at all. You always learn the hard way until your strong enough to stand on your own two feet to stand up to them and say “no”. Trust me I’ve been there quite a few times in my life and it’s horrible. I wasn’t strong enough at the time to stand up to them but now I’m wary I will stand up to them if I need to; always ask for help if I need to even if I’m afraid that I’ll be rejected the help, knowing who to trust and don’t trust at the end of the day. 

When you end a relationship with a narcissist weather it’s serious relationship or friendship; you will end up finding several things that will come up and happen to you, for starters 1. They will discard you without any benefit of a doubt and blame you for the things that aren’t true or breaking up because your the problem ie being controlling or being a bully and etc. You will know who has a real issue here  2. If you move on front the narcissist just be careful and be prepared for things that can turn very quickly. 3. Depending on what sort narcissist that your dealing with at the time can make all of the difference. This is because they will either try and gain other people’s trust making out that you’re a bad person, gang up on you and etc anyone would believe them and not you. Until one day everything will turn around and they will realise that they lost everything because you have moved on from them and they haven’t. Everything that they had gone bad to worse in space of a short time. 

Over the time of having the same thing happening to me or some similar along the lines. I’ve learnt that karma will happen to them at some point in their life because I’m not in their life anymore so they can’t get what they want from me. Yes they will try and get back into your life to take control of you because they will know your weaknesses however you’ll will have to play their game and stand up to them as best you can. Along with blocking them, changing your number and etc. 

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