Hauls 2018: Primark Haul part 2 – how much?

Yo hey guys just typing up my notes from my blog notes of Primark Haul decided to write them down as my iPad is getting too hot to hold now so I decided to jot them down. Today (26.5,18) I went to my local Primark to get more nice summery clothing tops as I’ve noticed that I’ve grown out of some of my clothing that I’ve had over the years. Which is a shame really but all well what can we do.

I’m going to start with W-Button Kimo costing me £12.00 it’s cross between cardigan/swimwear sort of style where it’s long, lose and flows quite beautifully. The cardigan is black with flowery patterned with short sleeves, easy and lose. The size that I’ve picked up is size 18.

I brought another Will Button Kimo costing me £10.00 which is another flower pattern with black background with bright flowers and green long Kimo cardigan. Another long, lose and flows quite beautifully once again I do like my flow lose clothes in the summer and also in the winter because I get hot quite easily and I’m not that so claustrophobic. I hate the feeling so claustrophobic. I’ve got the size 18 once again.

Now I’ve got two different types of sleeves milit at £8.00 each and obviously size 18 one is patterned flowery top long and the other one is a stripy long one. I just find it comfortable and lose it’s just helps me quite a lot especially with this heat that we are having at the moment.

If you remember that I brought one black high waisted shorts at size 20; so I brought two more extreme rip high wasted shorts that are denim shorts to which it to my advantage I can wear them everyday, without using my black high waisted shorts. The shorts cost me £10.00 each.

All in total I spent like £58 roughly I know guys “how much?” The fact is I needed new tops, leggings and etc over the past two weeks of spending like £100 for two weeks but when you have lost your way for awhile and everything that you use to feel is like what’s the point in life.

The fact that I’m trying to take charge of my life right now trying to remain positive and get back into the positive frame of mind. It’s like you need to do something about it and fight for you’re life like no tomorrow. I’m currently fighting for my life with my mental health right now; I’m tired of letting it control me everyday now, I want to live my life now to the best that I can be and thats even with the blogging and what not.

Remember believe in yourself, you are strong, you have the passion to survive this and most importantly you’re beautiful in all different shapes and sizes no matter how you look. Ignore all the haters that hate you ignore all the negative that they give you even yourself. Be you, be yourself and love yourself no matter how much hard it is. Peace!

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