Friday Topics: You know when you’re geography is bad!

Hands up geography isn’t there strong point in life? Cool I like that a lot I know how to get to places as I’ve done the routes enough times to go and do it but places in different countries I have no hope with. Some places I know roughly to which I can tell you but if I heard of a place and think what country it is then get it wrong I’ve got no hope. 

I was just doing my paperwork for yesterday and I thought Hong Kong was in Japan not in China but I had to ask a friend where they thought it was and they told me it was in China. My sincere apologies guys for that one. I do understand that people only hear about the major cities not other places in the countries that are surrounding them; unless they look them closely and study them quite deeply, then yes they’ve made the mark on that town or city. 

I’ve always known that geography wasn’t my strongest point even my crappy geography teacher knew I wasn’t good at it even give me a hard time about it well. Something like that anyway but also that they are still at the school I went to as well strangely I don’t even understand why someone people stay at one school or be at a school for so long in the first place to be honest. 

How good are you at geography? Are you good or bad at it? Let me know down in the comments below. 

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