For love of social media and etc

Going to straight into this one because I really had enough of everything that has do with social media, press and the other media

I generally starting to hate social media from using personally to press to other media. Yeah at the time of everything coming out in the 2000’s it was something new but back then I didn’t really want it then; I guess you have to go with the times I suppose, now I’m getting much older I’m like what’s the point in having it all. Then I’m using it for my blogs and etc; I’m like well I can’t get rid of it now can I, and then your like you get all of the unwanted attention like scammers and people who say that they like you but they actually don’t.

Then when your trying to research something but all you get is press and media of like hello! Ok! Etc telling you a load of crap that are untrue and poor photoshopped pictures that they just pulled of the net. Believe me it puts me out of sorts of issues that between me and someone; then I look at it again after I calmed down look closely how stupid they are on not knowing what they can’t do one photo properly, you look at youtubers, bloggers and etc they put time and effort to put things together even if they are under pressure to get it up at certain time.

I try now not to go any ridiculous social media sites or follow any thing that I know it will either set me off with my anxiety that puts me and someone a set back in our relationship back or the fear of being hacked and what not by other people. All in all I’m setting myself away from social media as much as possible but only use it for my blogging than anything else.

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