Everyday Post: Why can’t certain men admit that they are wrong?

Before I get started I thought I might give Everyday Post a good spring clean by giving it a new pictures and set of look as I’ve given most of the other categories a new set of meaning over the past few months so I decided to give Everyday Post the attention that it deserves. Now that’s that for its little intro the topic for today is why can’t certain men admit that they are wrong?

I find that people who actually care and know that they did wrong admit it and try to fix the problem but people who are too proud to say that they are wrong. Trust me I’ve experienced that as well it’s like okay let’s be a bigger person here but yet they still haven’t got the gist that they’ve also played the part of the problem as well; you’re like what’s the point in trying to explains, educate them and what not. You may find that you just might as well walk away from it all and them even though they are like you’re closest friend ever but sometimes they soon realise how much help and etc that you done for them they have lost that person because of their actions. Sometimes your the one over time may want to get into contact with them because you still care; they may soon realise how much they effected you deeply, or they might of realise how much they have done and finally become the bigger person and let their pride go because their friendship is more important to them than their pride.

Trust me I’ve let go a fair amount of people especially men go because of their actions and none of them have come back to fix their friendship with me or admit that they have been wrong or help challenge my own problems with me. To be honest I’m quite glad that they haven’t to be honest because otherwise it would be more hard work than normal.

What do you think? Would love to know on other people’s opinions?

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