Everyday Post: Tuesday Tales – My favourite quick hair style if I have little time to do it

Everyone has those days where we need to wake up plenty of time to do it everything like shower, dry hair, get dressed (if you have a problem choosing the right out for the day), make up and hair done. You then have those days where you’ll find that you just want to hit the snooze button on you’re alarm clock or the alarm on your phone by hitting for another 5 minutes or so. 

You then realise you shouldn’t of done that and now you’re seriously late for work or something that’s really important; I do that most of the time but I got the hang of it where I just put my hair extensions in as quickly as possible, tie it up into a bun quickly as possible and then it’s all done. 

It’s one of those quick easy things that I like to do or just let it down and then take a hair band and hair scrunchy with me and do it along the way to where ever I’m going. I’m pretty much have the same hairstyle at the moment when I’m in a bit of a rush or I can’t be bothered because I get too hot and bothered, plus with all the heat and everything it’s just easy for me to do a bun and be done with it. 

I tend to add plates on the side of my hair and a bun because I just think it’s so pretty. I once worked with someone who liked Elisa from Frozen and they always asked if I had Elisa’s hair today or not. As they thought every plate was Elisa’s hair to be honest I just thought it was cute and will always think it be cute.

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