Everyday Post: The time when I should be spring cleaning!

It’s that time of year that you should start doing spring cleaning after you hearing someone getting the hover out and doing the hovering but you just can’t be bothered to do it. Yep that’s me. Right now I just haven’t got the patience or the willingness to tidy up my room right now. You may think I’m just lazy or something but it could be true at the end of the day it’s how I feel at the time sometimes I just haven’t got the energy or I’m not feeling right and all I want to do is sleep.

There’s a reason for me not feeling right and sleeping a lot but my room really does need to be done a lot and my bruo needs to be fixed and everything else in the room. Yet I just can’t be bothered too. I have started to do a bit of spring cleaning on my blog website because there were a few categories and tags that I thought I don’t use those anymore or why did I come up with those at the time. What was I thinking.

That’s when I realise that when I first started doing my blogs I hadn’t got a clue what I was going what so ever. So it was a bit of blessing in disguise that it was time to start clearing out a few bits of my blogging site; to which I can create more things that are relevant to the blog site over the next few weeks, months and etc. I just want to say thank you ever so much for reading my blog pages over the years and so far today it does give me great pleasure that you enjoy them. Letting me continue writing them and giving me the confidence that I need.

Last time I checked it was like 57 views and 13 visitors thats just before 4:00pm UK time and this morning I woke up too 44 views and 3 visitors at the time I think it was and that was barely 9:00am UK time. It goes to show how much you guys value your time reading them as I publish things that I believe to think they are pretty rubbish but goes up anyways.

Knowing that they aren’t rubbish means I’m doing something right. As you keep on coming back for more and more. Just keep on coming back, liking, comment and follow I guess but hey it’s up too you. Thanks for believing in me and my work. I always believe in you guys to do amazing work too. Happy sunny cold Sunday for a Sunday.

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