Everyday Post: That time of year you lose an hours sleep?

It’s that time of year again ladies and gents of the U.K that we have reached that time of moving our clocks forward an hour which means losing an hours sleep tomorrow (25.3.18) yuppie great one whoever made that one up and making it become the national thing to do. Mind you as we all know I don’t sleep any way so it doesn’t matter to me in the first place.
Like last night I lost fair bit amount of sleep to the point of me getting up early to have a shower before anyone else because my hair drove me mad as normal plus my anxiety seem to be playing up more and more. So it was shower it was in the end at 7:00am whilst everyone was a sleep; now that I’m feeling a lot better with my hair, and my anxiety has seems to slow down a bit more than it was.
I love the day light more than the dark days because it’s less creepy and more people are about. I’ve never really like the dark anyways since being a kid. Nothing to do with mental health or anything. It’s just that it feels like we’re constantly being in the dark all the time; no matter what time of year it is because it’s like we are living in someone else life of being constant dark.
Yet the trees are slowly coming out with their beautiful colours as they starting to blossom. Giving us up that spring is coming along side summer to follow as well. I don’t understand the longest day and the shortest day why would you have that. Most things don’t make any sense to me what so ever to me like for example for me I think yes light warm hot and feeling happy that it’s going to be a nice quiet time. Then I forget how much I hate my neighbour on the other side in the next road that’s backs on the end of the garden of mine well my neighbours. You get the mother screaming and shouting a dog barking. You think well no peace and quiet for the wicked.

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