Everyday Post: Spring has finally arrived!

Firstly would like to apologise for a late start posting I was planning originally a rant topic everyday post but to be honest I was quite glad that I didn’t post it up because I wasn’t really in the head space at all last night (27.3.18) really sorry about that. Normally I would share what’s on my mind but this one blog I didn’t feel happy about it or it didn’t feel right. So I decided to clear my mind and think of some blog ideas or have a day off. One of the two seemed quite happy with me to be honest so I thought it would be nice to welcome spring into 2018.
So last weekend the clocks sprung forwards which meant the days will be getting lighter than getting darker. Yay almost summer. I love the smell of spring and summer air because you know it’s going to rain or has been raining but you can’t tell it on the ground. Some people think I’m just weird that I know when it’s is or it has but if you haven’t been camping growing up then you won’t know how to survive even if you got a wet tent. I find that rain at this time of year very relaxing as I’m inside because it just sends me to sleep quite easily.
Today has been a complete utterly chilled day odd job this morning but I basically slept most of it because I think I’m going down with something now than the previous week. Think I’ve got it off my sister or someone because I feel so dreadful. Sorry if this is the only post you get for today. It’s like once your ill your ill and you can’t think what to write or do anything. I even just had beans on toast with cheese with one of my parents having it as well because I just don’t feel like eating anything. All I want is just junk food than healthy food.

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