Everyday Post: “Said it all” – Story Based

As you watched me walk away that’s when the tears fall away from my eyes you knew that you hurt me bad; there was no more conversation left, there was nothing left to break that wasn’t already not broken and you’re just staring into space with every inch of silence. You’ve been standing here for days and days waiting for my turn; yet I said it all there was nothing else to say anymore nothing that I say that matters, haven’t we heard enough? Noting that I have said at all doesn’t matter anymore; nothing to say that matters to you anymore because I let my guard down, and I let you in like I trusted you with everything yet you walked out of my life.

In the sudden light of the day. The weight of expectation of what I was hoping for the hurt had started to begin to fade; as you started to find a new direction but the fact that you haven’t talked to me for days and days, as I’ve said it all but there was nothing else to say that matters. All of the miles of words that we’ve spoken and all of the lines that got away because we didn’t take the time to say them all?

Here I am once again standing in front of you screaming, crying and wanting your attention but all of the miles of words we’ve spoken about. Yet all the months that that went away along with all the lines that got away because we didn’t have time to say them all? Doesn’t matter anymore as we said it all once again there’s nothing to say at all. Nothing to say that matters. Haven’t we heard enough? Haven’t we said it all?

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