Easter Day: The rise of the eggs

Luke 24:34 saying, ‘The lord has risen indeed, and has appeared to Simon!’
So with a bit of research of what it meant about the whole lord has risen and all that jazz. Being me I like to pick loop holes in it because I’m one of those people who like to question things and especially when I’ve grown up in a Christian family don’t worry I’m not going to board you with tears about the whole Christian faith thing it’s not my style.
The fact that I chose the rise of the eggs it’s because it’s a new month so what’s more fitting than the rise of a new month; “Lord has risen and also with you!”, and etc etc. I’m just glad that it’s a new month so I can focus on myself a bit more and be able to enjoy life a bit more; I’m just glad that March 18 has been and gone, starting again to be positive towards myself a bit more.
Maybe I should forgive those who have done me wrong but I don’t know yet as I’m writing this the day before as all ways. As I’m away for the day with the family that’s what she says if the anxiety stays settled and be good to me. You like my Easter picture that I coloured in on the app of colorfry app; I actually enjoying doing them as it’s giving me the time to clear my head, but also to distract my mind from things when I don’t need to think otherwise it sets me off and no one really needs to be on the brunt of it all.
There’s always a quote from Batman Begins “why do we fall sir? So we can pick ourselves up” it’s always been my favourite and it may occur to you that Batman is my thing but it really is because I like Gary Oldman and Michael Cane in it as he’s one of my favourite actors in it. I tend to go back to it every so often when I need to; it’s like my Bible I have to use it when I need to, because it’s one of things that I swear by when I’m down and alone.
What quote do follow by and live by? Let me know by commenting below.

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