Don’t understand the world: Not 100% what’s going on with Theresa May.

I don’t understand Theresa May because now that she’s landed herself in hot water with the government in parliament for not calling on them about the air strikes because she chose to listen to the power that’s gone to her head and probably Trump who rightly needs his head looking at to be honest with you. 

My first thoughts when I heard about the air strikes (16.4.18) that Theresa May made that call on it and not involving anyone what she was doing. I’m like great there’s going to be more attacks on our soil if we don’t be careful; to which we manage to take on the abound vehicle outside Buckingham Palace few weeks ago, and it got me thinking about this time last year when everything was going on in my country. 

I’m like so she can make a decision on what’s happening in other countries without consulting the government but when it’s on her front door set she has no clue or care how many of us get killed but we take law into our on hands by risking our own lives to help others who are in need of help when something bad happens. We make Britain great not her all she does is undoes it all by doing something stupid like that drawing more attention to us. It’s like Trump all over again. I rather our country to stay out of things knowingly if we do something it will come back more than 10 times worse. 

What are May’s thought processes when she does things like that? What does she actually feel? I just don’t understand whats going on her head? Is she becoming unhinged once again? 

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