Diary Entries Online: My Love of my life

Once again I would like to remind you that you can believe this is true or not it’s your own opinion at the end of the day. I write what I write and that’s all that matters to me.

I know that I’ve messed up a lot but I know that you would never let me give up; with all the nights, the fights, the blood and the break ups. You’re always the one to call up to see if I’m okay; I know that I’m a pain, I’m a child and I’m afraid but yet you always understand like no one could understand. Knowing that we don’t look like much but no one can fuck it up like us.

When I’m laying in our bed feeling unwell you come in; never even judged me on how I looked that day, from just having a bug or having a bad day with my health. Your always there when I need you; wrapping your arms around me keeping me safe, even when we go out for a function I try my best to go and put a brave face on. I know that when I’m with you. I’m standing with an army full off support from you. Even when the dark times are so bad you can always find the bright side; I am amazed by the things that you would sacrifice, just to be there for me even when I hear you sing out tune I would laugh as I cringe and trying to stop you from singing I would kiss you to make you stop.

Yet your my everything so please don’t change a thing as we both know what they all say about us; as they don’t even stand a chance, because I am with you and yet you understand me and I understand you like no one can.

Through the wind and rain we finally got here; now that we got here by flying with no fear; we’ve been in pain for so long as I stare in your eyes it’s all gone, even through the wind and the rain we burn so bright and learn to fly through the flames and hold on tight with so many things that could go wrong. Yet as I look in your eyes they are all gone.

In my dreams it feels like we are forty stories high; whenever you come around it’s like we are untouchable like we are not going to fall, is it safe to say the sound that we hear is the words of untouchable. The feeling of alone is only real when you’re not around; whenever I’m walking in the rain, the sun goes down and the one thing that can save us is our love. I need to hear you again but also to show me how because I know that our love shouldn’t be so hard yet we find ourselves standing in the dark. You always light up where ever I go and I know that my heart shouldn’t beat so hard; but I’m swimming with the sharks, yet you light up and keep me out of the cold, the nightmares are only real when you’re not around and yet my candle in my heart is starting to burn out.

Whenever you’re gone; I’m waiting at the door like everything’s hurting like before, however without any meaning we just skin and bone like beautiful robots dancing alone. Your my world and my protector. Your men and women are my protectors when our gone.

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