Day 9 Of 14 Days Valentines Challenge: You think I’m crazy but I got something to say

It might seem crazy what I’m going to say but the sunshine she’s here so you can take a break; I know his a hot air balloon that can take me to space with the air that you breathe I don’t care baby by the way, do you know why because I’m happy just being with you. Clap along if your feel like your in a room without a roof because I’m so happy just being with you. You know the feeling of happiness is telling you the truth; that’s what happiness is to you, being happy all the time what you going to do about it.

Here comes the bad news talking this and that but give me all you got because I don’t want you to hold it all back. I should off probably warn you I’ll be just fine but no offence to you don’t waste your time. Just be happy because if you bring me down you’ll get nothing from me because my level of happiness will be high as I’m happy to be with you.

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