Day 24 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Christmas Shopping ideas

This year seems to me that it’s been quite easy to know what to get for people but then I’m not too sure. However I know what I would like to have for Christmas and birthday this year/next year to be honest normally I would get them myself but this year for once I’m going to write them down what I want and ask for them.

There are a few certain things that I want from the body shop as I really like their stuff from there that I use regularly when I have a bath or a shower and then use their body butter cream. I should really complete my Christmas/ Birthday list to be honest with you as it’s one of those things people like my family are going ask me about one day soon.

I’ve seen some of things that people may like in stores and off amazon but I’m not 100% sure if I would get them or not. Might as well make a box of something with their favourite things or something. Not so sure yet as I’m toying the idea of things in my head so I know what to get and know when the time comes. I hate Christmas shopping at the weekends because it’s just so clostaphobic I prefer to do it during the day or after work so that it’s less people to invade my space. Otherwise I may punch someone or have a panic attack.

Fun fun fun. I can’t really tell you much as some of my family read my blogs so it’s a bit hard to tell you the ideas. Who knows I might change my mind on things.

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