Day 24 Christmas Log Blog: Brian’s Santa is coming to town

On Christmas Eve Honey and Brian were sitting on the sofa by the log stove in the cottage; waiting for his uncle and aunt to come home walking the dogs, as they loved the snow more than Brian did not even sure why or he couldn’t remember why the reason was. Yet his uncle always knew why but he didn’t want to remind him of it especially when he just came out of hospital from the attack the other day. So he was that kind to Brian that he took Scout the husky out for his walk with his wife and their two husky dogs; Scout sometimes knew he didn’t want to leave Brian more and more since the accident, he was like guarding him from everything and everyone but Brain reassured him that he’ll be safe when he came home.

He knew that Scout would be fine and want to bring his uncle and aunt back within 20 minutes of being out. “Don’t blame him to be honest thought” Brain it wasn’t that long until they came back and all three huskys wanted to be around Brain than go out for a walk in the big garden. In the end Brain let all three in his room to keep him company; normally it was just him and Scout because he felt safe having him near by than anyone else, Sky had found a wrapped up Christmas by the side of his bed took it to him as he sat down. Sky barked like she was telling him to open it or she will.

He opened it as he got into bed Scout jumped up and laid next to Brian; he looked at the other two who way laying next to him on the floor, looking up at him with big puppy eyes. He looked back down at the book. He noticed his grandads handwriting but he hadn’t seen his grandad for awhile but then again he had passed away last year. Not sure how he manage to put it at his bed side table but it didn’t matter because lots of strange things happened since then that he couldn’t explain.

The note has said “our favourite Christmas Eve Story. Got it published just for you. Limited Editiinn” Brain smirked and said “Limited Edition Grandad. Haha not what you put” Scout barked twice “too right blooming dyslexia. He would say wouldn’t he boy” He read the front cover “Brian’s Santa is Coming Town” he always loved his grandads illustrations. He turned to the first page and started to read the book laying down with just a lamp on.

“You better watch out Brian,” “you better not cry Brian,” “you better not be pouting Brain” I’m telling you the reason why Brian because Santa Claus is coming town, Santa Claus is coming town, Santa Claus is coming town. So you better hurry up and get into bed my good fellow man; he’s making a list, checking it twice, he will find out who’s naughty or nice.

He knows when your awake “Brian go back to sleep”; as grandad walked passed the bedroom door, he sees you when your sleeping “good night my boy” as his grandad turned the light off and closed the bedroom door. He will soon find out if your bad or good. “So be good for goodness sake Brain”

In the morning the kids on the girl and boy land will have a jubilee because all of their Christmas presents are under the tree; they are going to build their toy land all around the Christmas Tree…..

Brian didn’t get far as he fell asleep always at the same part when his grandad was reading it to him; his aunt and uncle walked pasted, noticed that his bedroom door was still open maybe the fear is still there and getting worst since the attack. His aunt crept in took the book off Brian and placed the book down not knowing that it was unfinished book and Brian had to finish it off for him. She turned the lamp off and both his aunt, uncle and grandma decided to leave the door open because for his safety if he had a nightmare his aunt and uncle can run in to calm him down. They all said “good night my boy” as they would echo the granddads words to him like he would normally would.

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