Day 2 of 30 Days Challenges for Autumn: Missing Someone

Today had to be the most hardest days ever. No matter how many attempts of writing today’s challenge and Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging; I just couldn’t even do it, weren’t even sure why I couldn’t do it. As I’m laying here now at 21:24pm UK time it just came to me why it might be; it’s possible because I’m missing someone who use to give me their attention monjority of the time, I don’t know the honest truth but I think that’s probably the reason. I do miss Caspian a lot and then I do miss quite a few other people too. Mostly Caspain and Daniel as they are the ones who are very over protective of me and that I’m always talking to them everyday.

I’m not normally attention seeking type but when you have someone to talk to everyday; especially when it comes with my thoughts, problems and anxiety about things. They are generally there on hand to protect me one way or another. Last week (16.10.17 week) I was really close to my ex Daniel he was there when I needed him the most because I didn’t know what to do; also in that time frame he had learnt more about himself than anything before, the fact that I needed him, his sister and daughter needed him but also that he had just lost a family member as well. It was like a massive wake up call for him; saying that he needs to listen more to his love ones around him, than he’s own stubborn self because he’s not putting others first but himself. To which I have been trying to tell him for a very long time.

Sorry this one is a short one but I needed to express how I felt about missing someone who’s been there everyday; then all of the sudden it’s like one day out of the blue, your like this isn’t normal Morgan! How did I cope without it all in the first place.

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