Day 19 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Look at me go!

So it’s Thursday right guys hang on let me check my calendar on my iPad……..and back and do the butterfly. Yes it is Thursday. The fact that I’ve just completed a full week of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn for this week in advance not sure how I managed to do that because this is me people you know me.

I’m kind of fibbing to you still got one more to write to complete this week off but to be honest I am writing this on Monday at the start of the week. So by the time you have reached this blog and this part I’m pretty sure I’ve completed Day 20 already if not then blow me down with cold air. Actually don’t even think about it I’m already cold as it is.

If I could do this for my 25 Days Advent Calendar Blogging do it in a weeks in advance then it would be completely awesome to do. To which it be so easier than being lazy and not doing at all or leaving it to the last minute thing like I did last year. Haha never again. I swear I promised you guys that I wouldn’t do the whole Christmas Advent Calendar Blogging again this year. Then again you guys like this one so why not continue to do it for 31 Days Challenge for Winter along side the Christmas Advent Calendar Blogging. What do you think? Too much? You need a break after this and the Christmas Advent Calendar Blogging?

Let me know and we can decide together what you think. Still can hear fireworks going off outside my bedroom window. Haha.

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