Day 18 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: The remake: Deal breakers in a relationship and why they mean something to me.

I first started writing things down for this day but I decided as I was falling asleep that it wasn’t the best or the greatest idea to put it up as it was too personal for me to publish it. This was because I took this time to write it all down how I felt what was causing me to feel this way; I soon realised that I’ve just lifted up a part of a huge weight off my chest that seemed to have troubled me for the much of my life, I can’t post that people will think I’m just being overdramatic and way too personal for me to even share it. So I decided to do a remake of Day 18 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn and maybe one day I’ll post up the original or not.

What are deal breakers and what they mean to me in a relationship? For me I witness so many people getting hurt or they finally find their soul mates quickly and efficiently; with me I have to kiss x amount of frogs to know who’s the right sort of person, I thought a fair few people have been the ones but not really. Some just came really good friends.

Deal breakers in a relationship as a partner/friendship and why:

Being able to click straight away – this means a lot to me because being able to understand each other but also to be able to be weird, funny and awesome together is easier for me to be able to relax more around people than feel tense and not talk much.

Tallness – I prefer tall guys not because they are easier to ask for things when things are high up but they are more sexy, handsome and cute. Let alone that I’m use to 6ft people in my life anyways it makes me feel comfortable that they are oddly.

Protective – no matter if they are a partner or a friend they are really protective of me when something is wrong where they are far or wide or close they come to my aid instantly. They are like the most protective people ever; they know I can be tough about things, unless something like my health or family issue or something they come running to protect me and make themselves known spiritually so that I know that they are there.

Feeling Happy – To be able to feel happy and enjoy life with my friends and the person that I maybe with at the time so that I don’t have to worry about my life as much as I should do.

Care, kind and respectful – To be able to care about each other along side being kind and helpful when each other needs the support that they need the most. The most important thing of them all is respect; respect each other in the way that you and them want to be treated as equally, with that I like to get on with everyone but I know that can’t be true.

This is a few things that I prefer in a partner and in a friend I do have a few friends who at my height and they have that same aspect of life that I have which is great.

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