Day 11 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Planning Christmas Advent Calendar Content

Today is the day that I’ve officially started to plan my content of what I want to write and titles for my Christmas Blogging Advent Calendar. I know this will over lap a little maybe I don’t know it’s only day 11. Who knows at least I’m not publishing my blogs for Advent just yet. Yes you have to wait for those to come out for another month.

I’ve started with creating the picture for content; so when I need to write up them properly I know I’ve got something in order for me to do something other than like this one where I’m writing it in bed at silly clock when the day is nearly out. Well like the past few days I have been. As I have now set up a document for my Christmas Blog Advent Calendar I can now start to plan the titles of the advent for each day; making notes on the ones that I maybe able to do, and then put them up and schedule them for that day ready so I don’t have to worry about it when it comes to it.

There will be probably things that I need to do near the time of the day; who knows just need to work it all out to be honest, that’s why I’m having this month as a plan month for the blogging so I don’t have to worry or stressing that I haven’t done them.

Can’t wait for you guys to read them on the the correct days unlike this one. Haha.

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