Day 10 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Halloween Special – The Unknown Fear – Skeletons and Ghosts

It was the first time that I had stayed alone in the house called The Old House Hall without Caspian; as he had convinced me that nothing is going to happen in this house while he was away, and tried to get me use to the house other than staying in the family hotel for a few nights.

To which I agreed on one condition that he would let my best friend/Ex become my second bodyguard; to which he was more than happy too as he would love to see me smile more, feel safe and etc. It was Monday that he had left for America for a two day business trip; two days weren’t that bad if you had to think about it, long but okay to cope with when you know you got good security and body guards to protect you.

The first night was a bit intense because my security, Darrell and Jones knew that old places like these would freak me out. They haven’t witnessed it personally but they could feel the vibes that I would give out; wether it was during the day or an evening that I didn’t need to attend to something with Caspain, I would ask a few times or so when he would be back and they reassured me that he will be back in time. Even though I know the drill with everything and being me being paranoid about one thing it’s another thing.

I know that I’m not going to let Darrell or Jones sleep for the next three nights; god help them now, what I will be like throughout the night and as I’ve taken my antidepressants medication snuggled up in my own room that I created to make it feel safe for me. This was incase I had to stay in the house on my own and I didn’t want to sleep in mine and Caspain without him.

Both Jones and Darrell stayed in the room; they had their own little rooms in a little cove boxed room, that went inside the wall but no doors just curtains draped down. Never really slept in here before unless I fell asleep on the sofa or something but they wouldn’t move me unless I was dead asleep on the sofa.

Throughout the night I was awake but that was my normal routine; Jones and Darrell took it in turns but in the end they decided that it wasn’t working for them, and so they decided one stayed with me and one stayed in their own room for the night. They did get the all clear from Caspain and his grandmother at the time of the arrangement on medical grounds of course when Caspain wasn’t around.

None off us really knew what was happening in the rest of the house; things where being thrown, things been breaking, heavy footsteps walking around and then suddenly on one the CTV cameras there was an eerie ghost like figure standing outside my bedroom door. That’s when a few security guards came running down to see the intruder; at that time they thought they had seen an intruder, but by the time they got there it wasn’t the intruder wasn’t there. Yet the others who were watching in base saw it had vanished no where to be seen.

One of the security guards poked his head in to scan around to see if they could see anything but couldn’t then closed the door and looked around the house before returning back to their base. It wasn’t long until they got back that they heard a sudden scream off terror; they rushed down to my room to come and help, as they got to the room the door flung open saw Jones slumped and knocked out cold in the corner. Darrell was up in the air by a visible hand but all they could see was a male figure but with no hands.

I ran to the security who got me out of the room and into the base for the time being. Someone had rung the services to come; Darrell was dropped to the floor, the male figure has disappeared once more by the time the police and paramedics came. The police had advised the security to take me to the near by hotel for the time being until they get the investigation going. None of them really didn’t want to be there but as it was a well known family they had to do their job carefully and steadily.

Jones was taking to hospital until he had come round; Darrell was given the all clear to return back to work, grabbed my emergency bag and my medication that I needed. I was checked out at the hotel was advised not to go back to the house; due to my anxiety being so high, it needed to settle first before reevaluate what’s going to happen next.

Police for the next few days sat outside the house day and night to see what was happening; also changing the tapes on the CTV boxes with the head security, along aside with them looking at the evidence on them. However they couldn’t believe what they had seen.

What do you think they’ve just seen?

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