(Daily Stories) Mental Health: You start to believe that you are going psycho

This week from the 14th to 20th May 2018 in the United Kingdom is Mental Health Awareness Week I believe that it was brought in by Heads Together which is formed by Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate. As you guys know that I bring this topic up now and then but most recently this past week or so as I’ve been having a few days by struggling with my own mental health.

I try and talk about it as much as I can but sometimes I don’t want to make my official personal blog all about my mental health because I don’t like talking about it at the best of times and I don’t like to draw attention to myself about it. You guys starting to know or learned that I don’t draw or make everything about myself when I’m writing my blogs. I like to bring positivity, fun and safe environment for everyone who comes and reads my blogs. Yes I may start off saying at the beginning of the week I might be struggling this week; yet you guys understand that to which shows the love, patience and guidance that if I’m having a bad day during the week I’ll try and write a blog or two if I can but if not you know in the next blog before I start I would apologies.

Yesterday morning after I had done my first shift of my job I had the worst morning you could imagine; currently paying the price of a bruise forehead forgot all about it until I started putting make up on this morning and every time I put the make up brush on my head it hurt, that’s when I remembered why it hurts you could say itself harming or not but it’s up too you. I just got frustrated and upset yesterday I didn’t really know what to do.

I still managed to do three blogs for you yesterday amazingly even with that going on; I went a bit of a psycho where my past came back to haunt me to which I took it out on a friend of mine who wasn’t replying to me, which made it 10 times worse at the time and he started on me for accusing him being a lair. He realised after I through back in his face that he accused me with things before when he was down, not trusting me and etc.

He soon realised that I did have a valid point that he chucked a load of untrue things towards me; he knew my past where people lied, hurt me and many other things. My friend soon realised that I was in the most vulnerable place at the time and need him to protect me from my thoughts as I was too tired to fight anymore at the time. Today (17.5.18) I woke up feeling alright but still didn’t have a great night due to not sleeping properly again and all my joints were starting to play up. As you guys know I suffer with joint problems at the best of times; they kept me up most of the night (probably thinking why don’t you take something for the pain) the fact is there is so much you can take to stop the pain. However putting it all to the side I have had done a lot of walking on the first two days this week plus my knees don’t really bend as much as they should do. I think it’s called “Hyper mobility” where certain areas don’t like to bend and become very stiff. I think it’s also part of your brain that’s been cut off by telling you to not bend as much or not at all. I do try and get them to loosen up as the best I can even if it’s going to hurt.

Putting that to aside how I know all that; that is another Daily Stories for another day, this morning I felt like I was getting better after having a good few hours sleep. I could feel the difference between having a complete melt down and everything to a stage where I knew my insecurities and certain things were there before I went into that danger zone like I was yesterday (16.5.18). It was that safe warning that I was coming out of the danger but in the amber section like the traffic like Red – is very dangerous, Amber – you’re okay but not really in the green or the red and then Green – you’re safe and in the good place.

I’m currently in between amber and green right now which is a good thing because I know that I’m getting better by feeling it with inside myself. The evilness of the cursed mental health is being beaten one way or another; that’s also the reason why I chose the queen of spiders in the picture for mental health category because I find that the colours that I chose for the picture is how I feel dark black with grey spiders all that I can see is the colours of that queen’s hair shining so brightly when I’m in the dark place.

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