(15.5.18 – Daily Stories) Late Late Late Stories: Day 2 of a sleepless night thanks to…….

Late Late Late Stories is where I’m up still not being able to sleep wether it’s something on my mind, just can’t sleep or something that I can’t sleep for any other reason. You may think “oh someone is dreaming about you. That’s why your still awake” . I’ll tell you what if someone is dreaming about me they can well go do one because it’s been two days now that I haven’t had a proper night sleep; second of all it’s day 2 of a sleepless night thanks to ……ANXIETY!

The fact that I don’t understand why someone or some people or anything that makes you worried or anxious just makes you stay up all night knowingly that you’re working the next day as well. You find whoever caused the worries or your worried about something makes you so tired, stressed, emotional strained and etc. I’m actually slowly falling asleep right now as I’m writing this; it’s like more of a comfort for me to write down something that might be happy or something that can send me to sleep not actually be afraid.

Psst psst. Guys I managed to fall asleep for a few hours but it wasn’t long enough sleep until I got rudely awoken by my alarm clock to tell me to get up at least twice but just incase I start to fall asleep again I’ve set my alarm clock for 7:00am which is half an hours time. It’s just that I’ve work to get ready for. So this morning I’m feeling alright just extremely tired, medication taken, bit of food, now on caffeine my type of caffeine is Pepsi Max by the way guys I don’t normally drink it first thing in the morning but when it comes to the kids in your job and half asleep yourself you’re like I’m going to lose this match.

In the end anxiety which turned from being hot and bothered to it the crazy anxiety mode. Do apologies to my closest friend for the episode but am I really sorry NOT! Haha. Have apologies to them now because I know how annoying they are and get make it out my psycho moments of my anxiety bothers them but I do kindly remind them that I have or had to put up with a lot of there’s and don’t complain. As my cousin would say “if they were doing it to me I would off walked away” by the way if your reading this dear cousin off mine. I’m all good now okay don’t need to worry remember the category title “Late Late Late Story”. It’s my thought process okay of what’s one mind is like at the time of having an anxiety.

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