Thursdays Online Diary Entries: “Memory” – Story Based

As the midnight draws in there’s no sound from the pavement; just laying there very still and quiet from the upheaval of people walking across it all day long, has the money lost her memory? She’s just smiling all alone no one to greet or say hello too. In the lamps light that shown on parts of the pavement there were leaves collecting at my feet as the winds started to moan like it hasn’t got anyone to push over.
Memory of the moonlight is all alone; I find myself smiling a lot a the good old days, I was so beautiful back then and I remember the time that I knew what happiness was as I let the memory live again. Every streetlamp seems to beat as a fatalistic warning like someone is muttering in the gutters or the street lamps and soon I will be morning.
As the daylight draws near to 6am I know I must wait for the sunrise to come knowing that I must think of a new life; I mustn’t given into it even though I must try but yet as dawn hits the countryside fields, tonight will be just a memory and a new day will begin. The burnt out ends of the smoky days will go stale as the cold fresh air smell starts to creep up on you in the morning; as the street lamps dies you know that another night is now over, replacing it with another day with a new dawn that’s breaking.
Touch me! Is also another sign of someone that’s easy to leave me especially with all of the memories of the days in the sun; if you touch me now with the gentle touch letting me come to you without being frightened; you will know what my happiness is, listen and look I have to go now and hide as a new day has begun and I don’t want people to feel sorry for me even though I want to be happy once more.

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