Everyday Online Diary Entries – Monday – Sunday: Saturday to Wednesday blogs

I’ve decided to do a all in one of the past couple of days as nothing much really happened; well widely exciting to have in the days for me to blog about, it was just getting boring as it was same thing everyday and so I thought I’ll wait for a couple days. 

Saturday (28.7.18) was one of those days that it had pretty much seeing what the damage had done by the storm the night before; watering the plants, the green house and feeding the fish whilst my sister did the washing and dishwasher. Oh I think I was fighting with the greenhouse that day as well. I decided to watch some of my favourite YouTube videos and my sister joined me all the way through she was commentary all the way through them which made it more funny to begin with. She had watched some of her videos afterwards due to the fact that she needed something to distract her mind from it all. They were pretty scary but I’ve seen them a few times. 

Sunday (29.7.18) was pretty much another wet day so basically it was just feeding the fish, the green house, cooking me and my sister dinner and the dishwasher. Just Netflix mostly and slept downstairs because it’s one of the things that I do when I have the house to myself for a while. It’s a comfort thing I think plus it’s a big house for one person but I did have my sister and now and then my brother. 

Monday (30.7.18) was one of the days I forced myself to go out otherwise I would literally gone mad or a family member would literally come round to see if I was alright. I went out with my aunt and cousin like to Hobbycraft and Asda then back to theirs my cousin fell asleep on me at least 15 minutes towards the end of the film. I pretty much do that to most special needs kids; send them to asleep before they send me to sleep, I have that sense of ora that I make them feel alright so they relax to the point of sending them to sleep. Couldn’t even get him into my house quickly enough because of the lavender and the bees. Especially the bees. I found my keys opened the door and me and his mum stood in front of the lavender to which point I told him to get in quick. His anxiety of insects are like sky high especially at this time of year with insects. Obviously the boring stuff of watering the garden, feeding the fish and the greenhouse. Along with a relapse of not being myself and etc but I managed to tire myself out and fell asleep nearly instantly. 

Tuesday (31.7.18) was pretty much the same Netflix, feeding the fish, watering the garden and the green house. Think I put the sofa bed away by then so I slept in my own bed that night but with complete back pain, right knee pain and ankle pain. I think personally I was so tense that I set most of the problems that I had before the relapse off because of it. Had to go out for a bit with someone for a home visit so that we could get things into place for them at a holiday club. 

Wednesday (1.8.18) chilled one until about 16:00pm GMT (4:00pm) had a message to say that my parents were boarding a plane home. So I literally hovered the living room, cleaned the kitchen and wrapped up one of my parents birthday presents because it was their birthday the other day when they were away. As soon as my sister came home I told her that they were on their way home; so we quickly ran around the local small supermarket to get a few bits for one of my parents because she didn’t get anything by that stage, luckily we manage to get a few bits and pieces to which my parent loved. 

It was good to have them home though we had fish and chips; then looked at some of the photos that they took but everyone was falling asleep by the stage of half way through the photos, yet no one wanted to be rude to say but I had to say and plus one of my parents fell asleep and you could tell when they fell asleep they were snoring. 

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