Write about your first kiss?


Everyone has that first kiss to be magical and wonderful; knowing it’s the right one for you, who could steal the hidden secret kiss from you. Like Wendy gave Peter Pan in the authors book written by J.M.Berrie. Everyone has those dreams of giving their true love secret kiss; like their mothers before them, their mothers before them and so on. 

With my first sweet tender, mouthwatering prickly kiss that I was given by my first boyfriend; was quite nice but had part of his prickly beard rubbed against my lips, all because I dared him one day before he asked me out at the time. All because I was teasing him; winding him up, as he couldn’t do much about it for awhile because he didn’t want ruin our friendship at the time. 

When the time went passed; I grew a bit more confident and comfortable with him touching me, kissing me and holding my hand. I’m not for one to trust people of touching me; unless I am comfortable with them and trust them, of not hurting me. Also I was quite new to all of it; so it was okay to relax slowly, as he was patient with me to get to know him and get use to the idea of being kissed. 

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