Why I don’t know to need to know about other people’s life stories

In everyday lives of work, magazines, newspapers and celebrities who seek media attention. There are people who have the capacity of wanting to know every single drama; want to tell you every single drama or everything about themselves, or to sell their story because they want to be attention seeker one way or another. 

People theses days are so wrapped up in their own worlds that everything is about them; don’t care about anything else or anyone else but them, for me I have kept my mouth shut a few times. I only talk about myself if there’s a topic that I can relate to and to be able to share it with my readers. I choose what I want to share and what I don’t want to share. 

Attention seekers don’t have that filter what so ever; it’s because they think they are so fabulous, perfect and everything is about them when it’s not always about them. They have to move the problems aside for one whole day for either its work or friends who need help and support. I use to get it a lot when I was at work everywhere I went; I would hear the same old story about their lives; I’m like is there not anything better to talk about other than themseleves, I sometimes want to say shut up and talk about something else for a change. 

Also why do people judge other people when they don’t actually know the whole story; this what gets me nearly everyone comes to one sided story, making out that the other person is the bad person. Yet the friend or a foe think they understand but they don’t really; all because they listen to that friend more than over you, so that they make your life like a living hell.  

Judging people’s choices; weather it’s right or wrong when you actually don’t know the nature of the options are, that they had to choose from. People just need to stop making up rumours, lies and stories that may not be true. This is because you don’t even know how much it effects on the individual that your talking about; get your facts right before you start creating stories that may not be true, get all the facts first before anything else. Get two sides of every story not just the one story that everyone believes in. 

You may find that people get emotional drained; react in away that you may not realise how much baggage they’ve already have, until you start causing more trouble and forget that everyone has a story not just about you. Like the picture on the left; walk in my shoes, walk down that winding road. What can you see along the way? That’s when you soon realise before you start judging people make it simple by don’t spread things that aren’t true. Other wise you may not be able to forgive yourself or they won’t forgive you if they start not to trust you anymore or you got off the wrong start with them. 

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