Why are there so many haters! 

Yeah I’ve been up most of the night. Guess what I don’t care because there’s so many trolls out there in the world; who actually have no life at all other than putting people’s lives as miserable, because they are doing better than them. Another guess what don’t you dare pick on someone who’s life has been a struggle weather they are Royal, celebrate, normal human being or having learning difficulties/disabilities because you know what at least they are a bigger person than you are. 

You may think I want their lives because my life sucks right now; how about stop self loafing about other fortune weather they’ve been given it or not, they can’t help it especially the royals they can’t help it. Especially Prince William and Prince Harry they want normal lives like everyone else; so back off you trolls who have nothing else better to do than give people threats, hatred and everything else. They have suffered enough already you people should be a shame of yourselves. 

People who get far in life always will and always will go far because they ignore all the low life people; who try to bring them down because they know the haters can’t get out of, there own ruts they just want to ruin other people’s lives. Why don’t look at yourselves dear haters and think maybe I can do better than I’ve already got. No one else are going to stop what they are doing because you can’t get yourself out of the whole that you’ve been in. So here’s my pledge to you dear haters.
Dear Waste Timers, Haters and Trolls

If you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Look at one hard look at yourself in the mirror; what do you see? What could you do better with your life? The only person who can change the way you are is yourself. No one else can do it for you but yourself; get some help, get someone to help you change your ways, take control of your life because at the end of the day your the one who’s making yourself worse. If you have been brought up to be different or that’s the way you been shown to do things; then your the one to blame because you could of changed that for yourself, it’s not to late to change that. There are lots of people to help you change your ways and put you on the right track. 

Just stop! Think! Am I going to say something nice or something horrible because I feel better for treating people like crap? All of things are not the other persons fault it’s yours at the end of the day. 

I’m not wasting my time writing this blog at 4:37am in the morning; ranting and raving about complete tools in the world, I’m going to waste your time because your time is my time and your time is reading this. So what you going to do continue reading this blog post just to waste your time of knowing what you have to do, or waste your time trolling more people, hating people or wasting people’s valuable time when they only don’t care what your going to say next.

I don’t do people who make me small intimidated because I know once I’m fired up; no one can calm me down until the person backs down, and to seek help in order to get better and make them feel a whole better by doing it for themselves.

All I can say is good luck because you need it. I really don’t need to hear anymore hatred anymore.

Good luck 


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