When you realise your speaking in a whole different language

When you realise your speaking in a whole different language 

You may all think English is should be easy for the English people; for me it’s harder than you think, for two reasons I have dyslexia and language difficulties. I have suffered with this all my life but I haven’t even become realising how hard it is to speak properly or spelling things when ones tired. 

Until one week I was so tired by the end of the week; were my spelling went out of the window, my speaking went out of the window. Like physical words through my mouth; I literally had to think twice as hard to say the words that I want to say, some words that I have struggle with even more so is my ‘R’ and ‘W’. It takes me at least 4-5 attempts to say it until I give up saying it. 

Do I get mocked? No not particularly as only few people know that I have these issues; well now everyone knows now, but its like having marbles in my mouth and trying to talk. Mind you never had marbles in my mouth before; so I wouldn’t know but in the old days people who had speech problem would probably have tired this before, like me saying I to a friend that something tasted like crayon but never even tasted a crayon. It’s that sort of smell of it that was in my mouth. 

I sometimes wonder what my head gets up too half the time; anyways no matter how much speech and language sessions that I had, no one has ever told me it would still effect me badly later on in life. Especially when I get extremely tired and stressed out that everything just goes out of the window. Might have to find out if this is true or not but I reckon it is true as it happens to me a lot. 

For someone who has learning difficulties; they have a whole different language when they get tired of being normal, but also speaking normally. Mine was because I was deaf when I was little so that’s probably why I get tired so much just speaking properly.

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