What’s draining your energy? How can I reduce it or sort it out?


Everyone has those moments of something that drains your energy; you always find away to reduce the amount of things that you shouldn’t have or trying to sort it out. It also depends what it is that makes you feel like it; I know mine is so draining to the point off, that nothing can wake me up so I do stupid things before it’s too late. For instance putting conditioner under my armpits instead of my hair; without realising what I was doing until I did it, it was literally too late to do anything else. Does anyone else have these moments?

What’s draining my energy? How can I reduce it or sort it out?

What drains my energy at the best of times is Mental Health; my mental heal has been getting worse since February, due to the fact that I have got family problems going on at the moment. So trying to keep busy by working, blogging, seeing friends if I can and looking after my grandma out; but on top of that sleeping doesn’t help at all, two weekends now that I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day. It’s not good when I need to be doing things; however when I’m so tired and depressed, I can’t even physically do it. 

To be able to reduce the whole problem or be able to take some of the weight off; is by talking to people at work, working, being with close friends that know and be there for me as much as they can when I’m going through a difficult time and to be able to continue to do what I love doing is writing. Without writing in my life I think I would be totally lost without if you know what I mean; it’s one of those things that it’s my comfort zone of being there, to express my feelings through the words and how I want to write it.

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