What will it take to make it happen?


People dream about what they would like to do with their lives; there’s people who go to achieve their dreams because they have that determination of doing something with their lives, me on the other hand I dream about it and I try to make it happen.

What will it take it to make it happen? 

In my previous blog that I can’t remember what it was now; where I have mentioned about becoming a writer as a full time job, that would be nice if had loads of money saved. To which I could live on and not having to worry about anything in the world; just write for ever more, then I can get paid for my writing. That would be luxury. 

What will it take it to make it happen is that I have to continue to write no matter what; as long as I know that my readers are enjoying the blogs, then I know that I can write anything without giving up.

It’s okay to give up now and then but don’t give up entirely as you won’t get anywhere; this is what I should go by to be honest, it does work honestly it does. Without having set main events for my blogs; I don’t think I would of gotten anywhere in life, knowing that people love reading them. Makes me wonder how good my stories are that I have written over the years; might try them out on here one day, and see what you guys think about it.

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