What scares you the most?


Everyone has things that they are scared the most. When I try and answer these questions at the time I find that I have my answers to them; but when I come to writing them, it just slips out of my head when I come to do them. 

What scare you the most?

This answer will probably wrong on all levels of the accounts; I think the most thing I’m scared about it has to be able to relax and do things, knowingly I can do things that won’t set me off with my mental health. That is one thing that scares me the most is my mental health comes back with strong power to the point of it will knock me out for six as they say. 

It’s like saying I’ll be alright for a few months but by the time the few months has passed it will be like. Bam! It hits you in the face like a cold or hay fever attack. Neither of them are actually that nice to be honest. I should know believe me. Makes you feel more depressed than anything. 

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