What makes a best friend?


People have different auroras about them; they have different ways of making a best friend for life, it’s all down to the base of their characters and lifestyle. 

What makes a best friend?

What makes a best friend for me is where I find that once I get to know someone by either I get on with someone really well or you don’t get on with. However this is what makes a best friend for me:

  • Great sense of humour 
  • Get the same wave length 
  • Know how to be silly and stupid with
  • To be able to get on with
  • Have a great connection with 

There probably be more but I just can’t think anymore; you either got it or you haven’t, there are people in this world who can be controlling in so many ways. Sometimes you don’t realise until someone who’s outside the relationship can see it and mention it to you. That’s when you become more aware of it or you still don’t see it until something happens.

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