What is your current favourite films/tv programs to watch?


It’s okay it’s not all going to be reviews and etc jeez guys; I just couldn’t think of what to call the title for the category, just had a complete mind blank when I created it to be honest with you. I do like the picture that I have used for the background. 

What is your current favourite films/tv programs to watch?

Since having Netflix I’ve been getting into lots of films and tv programs; that I wouldn’t of dream of watching on the tv, but I do now on Netflix as it’s brought to my attention of how good the programs are. Yeah they are probably easier on Netflix than box sets of dvds laying around the house; however there are programs and films that I find I want to watch but it’s not on Netflix, on which means that I have to go out and buy it to be able to to watch them. 

I’m going to list the things that I’m currently watching or completed watching as they have brought my eye and made me enjoy them over and over again.

Still currently watching

  • Once Upon A Time ✔ still on going 
  • Grimm ✔ just started to watch it  
  • Britains Darkest Taboos ✔ continuing to watch
  • House of Cards ✔ continuing to watch
  • The Fuller House (both of them) ✔still watching 

TV and Programs that I’ve completed watching 

  • The Stranger of Things ✔ completed 
  • The Crown ✔ completed 
  • The Secrets of Crickely Hall ✔completed 
  • Josef F – The story of a monster ✔ completed 
  • Who took Jonny ✔ Completed 
  • Star Trek into the Darkness ✔ completed 
  • Midwinter of the Sprit ✔ completed
  • Safe House ✔ completed 
  • Case 39 ✔ completed 
  • For the love of Spook ✔completed 
  • The Phedphile Next Door ✔ completed 
  • The good neighbour ✔ completed 
  • The people and OJ ✔completed
  • A royal Christmas ✔ completed 
  • London has fallen ✔completed 
  • Dreams of life ✔ completed 
  • Joe and Casper ✔ completed 
  • Johnathan Creek ✔ completed 
  • The smurfs 2 ✔completed 
  • Queen Country ✔completed 
  •  Region ✔ completed 

Review over my list of shows and films 

Since having Netflix I have watched a fair amount of films and shows on there; I do like my documentaries because it will help me to understand the world a bit more better, but also not everything is so colourful as you think it is. However it gives you guys something what sort of things I’m into watching in my spare time when I’m not blogging or working.  

I still like my DVDs as well as Netflix which can still give me the same feeling of excitement and want to know what’s going to happen next. If there’s any tv programs or films that you think I may like to watch do let me know; as I’m interested to see what else is there that can get me into a gripping good story, like up above in my lists.  

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