What is going on right now in my life?


As I was just labelling the next four days; starting from today, I realised that every post is about me. I don’t mind; I like you guys to get to know me one way or another, not just other boring topics that I write about. I do promise I’ll find other things to talk about other than myself. I even struggling to write about myself. Will have to say something’s will be and stay private; I will lighten on some other areas of my life, that I am willing tell to share with you.

What is going on right now in my life?

I’m currently and soon to be finishing my Easter holidays at the moment in time; I’m enjoying the freedom of doing my own thing, along side blogging and helping out with some of the relatives. Currently wish to keep the family issues away from my blogging; unless it’s for a good cause, on which I would like to make aware off around the world.

As your probable reading this; I’ll be away for one night (please remember I am on a holiday period April 2017), with a friend, it would be a nice get away for myself but also get to spend it with one of my close friends at work. 

I will be taking pictures and etc but won’t be posting any of my social media; until I get back, I will also be blogging along side but as prep work for the one night away. You can say it’s like a blog free work two day event that I don’t have to work; luxury for me as I have spent nearly the two weeks of my holiday blogging and blog prep everyday, that’s commitment if you ask me. Probably deserve a mini holiday if you ask me; haven’t packed yet, but again as soon as you read this I’ve already packed my things away. 

Also look on the holiday category where I have done a post of what I need to take with me blog, I think I’ve made a cool title than the one I just given you. Don’t be afraid to email me or follow me on twitter, Instagram or like my page if you have any questions or what you like me to see or write about. 

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