What have you learnt from a family member?

What have you learnt from a a family member? 

The things that I learnt from a family member is that it’s okay to be not so tough at times; however being a tough person it’s like say you can’t do that or can’t do this. With the stories that I’ve been told about my grandparents that I never knew; it makes me wonder why I sometimes get quite cross, stick up for people who can’t stick up for themselves. Plus at the the best of times I think as I look back at my past as a kid; I wish I could of done what I know now, but can’t change the past but to look forwards.

You have to be nice and friendly to everyone; even though you just want to rattle their cages, because sometimes they can’t see what you can see until it happens and your like “I told you so”. That’s when they start coming to you for more information and etc to be able to help the children’s in their class. 

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