What does my ideal day look like?


Everyone has an ideal day on how they want it to go; but it may not seem to be like it in the ideal world around us, especially this economic climate and etc. However some people can just do it without even trying to; that is not fair on the rest of the world who have to pay the taxes, and etc, 

What does my ideal look like? 

To be honest my ideal day would like probably most likely to be; running my own business/blogging so I can write all the time, go and explore lots areas of the country so that I can blog about them. Create more ideas weather it’s blogging or story writing; something more creative, so I can achieve more things in life than I am already.

Here would be my ideal day would look like:

  • Blog prep 
  • Paperwork for blogs such as social media, planners and etc
  • What I may need to order for blogging 
  • Go out on adventures to somewhere different to bring new things to the blogging world.

These are just the outline of my ideal day may look like as there’s so many things that I would like to do but no time to do it all in an average world like mine. Unless your someone like a YouTuber whom gets million hits; then you get paid for it everyday, who knows I’m just working it all out still. So I shouldn’t moan to be honest with you; I’ll get there in the end, just need to be patient and keep on doing what I’m doing. Is by loving my work, continue in writing that I love and just go with the flow. I like to go with the flow to be honest with you as it’s more easier than chase the million dollar question because at the end of the day no one really wants to work do they.

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