What do I love about myself?


Oh boy here we go. One day I’ll be doing these blogs in my sleep if I don’t be careful haha; wouldn’t be a bad thing to be honest, once they are done they are done. If your in one of those creative moods; you might as well get it all done whilst you can otherwise you may not get another erg of, blogging spree again for a very long time. I should know I’ve been doing it for two weeks; it’s amazing feeling ever to get so much done in space of two weeks. 

What do I love about myself?

I don’t really love myself as much as I should do; like everyone else seems to be able to do it perfectly fine, there’s me I’m like I don’t even love myself to the point of self distorting myself. Depressing I know but when I do find days that I love about myself is where if I have done my make up and hair done really nice and the way I wanted to it to go. 

That’s when I learn to love myself; more and more each time, as it gives me the confidence boost of what I need and the nice warm weather gives me a chance to shine. Most importantly to me is when my nice blue eyes shine brightly where there is life inside of me; like there was once before, the storm that has been before had calm down. That’s what I love about my eyes they can tell you or more importantly me something is going to happen. 

My grandma had once said to me. “Your eyes are very blue” “I get them from you. As you have blue eyes too” would tell you the rest of the conversation but that nice compliment gave me the confidence of knowing that I do have nice blue eyes.

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