What are you watching on Netflix right now?


Currently I’m update now with my blog paperwork and display boards; well one more thing left to do but I have to think long and hard about my goals as a blogger, at the moment I’m in a good place that I can give more time now for my blogs to grow on the new website.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

As I’ve caught up on Once Upon a Time with only two more episodes to watch; that’s me done for that series, until the next series comes out if they do bring out the next one. At the moment I’m currently got myself into the Grimm; where everyone thinks that this detective is there to kill them, but actually he does the complete opposite he helps them and they start to begin to trust him more than they heard stories of the evil ones.

I can’t even stop watching it; that’s how good the program is, the program literally drew me in and help me to get through all of my paperwork quickly. I keep on forgetting when I need to do something on my iPad; I’m like nope can’t do that right now I’m so in gross in this episode maybe afterwards, until the next one comes on and I keep on putting it off so I have to make a list to remind myself that I’ve got to do it. 

I generally watch at least 2-3 episodes a day if I’m lucky if I don’t need to use my iPad for something; other than that it is quite easy to get sucked into a great program like that, I don’t even get nightmares about it. Only nightmares I get is work and my old secondary school joint together; now if that’s not scary, I don’t know what is. Haha. 

If I had to choose over The Simpsons or Grimm; it would be the Grimm all the way, it’s just that every time I see The Simpsons on yeah they’re great but most of them that I see is the same repeated ones. I don’t know I think it’s because I’m just grown out of it now; I just think some of it isn’t funny anymore, unless I’ve lost my sense of humour on that front of things if you know what I mean. 

This is this weeks Wednesdays Evening Post at 8; come back for next weeks Wednesday’s post, but don’t forget to continue to come and have a look at the other blogs in the mean time. Also don’t forget the other main event categories that will be coming out this week; better not miss it for the world. I’ll see you there. 

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