Wednesdays Events of Today


How’s everyone’s Wednesday spring day? Today has to be a quite a chilled one with the nice sunny; with a bit of a breeze of cold air that lingered around, better than yesterday’s weather of dark clouds and rain. 

Wednesday Events of Today 

Today’s events for me have slightly changed; you can’t help that things change in life, yeah it can be annoying, but it is nice that you get to have time to yourself than running around. 

My plan of action of today was blog prepping, meeting up with a friend and then chill out with possible more blogging prep. As such I couldn’t meet up with a friend of mine; as they couldn’t get away any sooner than they hoped for, wasn’t expecting to hold or help my dad along side my cousin who was putting nails into the wood for his log cabin. Only did it for awhile; just seen how awesome my cousins DT skills work, bit hard to know if he was proud of what he had done so far or not. Who knows what goes on in his head half the time due to his special needs. 

Did a bit of blog prep in between; well carrying on with it all if I can actually be bothered to do anymore, but I know I really want to get on and do it now everything has arrived. So probably be my next few days goals in doing them as it can get me pre-prepared from next week onwards. 

Then looking after one of my relatives for a few hours; so that they won’t be on their own until someone else takes over, to look after them and etc. That’s pretty much my Wednesday events for today.

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